mason is a responsive masonry layout adobe muse theme designed by wes strain

Mason - A Responsive Masonry Layout Muse Theme


Mason is a multi-purpose, fully responsive, masonry layout adobe muse theme perfect for any type of muse web project. Its masonry layout is perfect for displaying a lot of content on one page. The muse theme can easily be modified, added to, and edited with ease. It is the perfect Muse theme for design portfolios featuring work in different categories but could easily be used for a blog, news site, articles, or just about anything. The best part is that it is a fully responsive adobe muse theme. Its use of 4 breakpoints makes it look and work well on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop screen.

The images used in this adobe muse theme have been used for display purposes only. Wes Strain does not claim the rights to any of these images or the models and property featured in these images.

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